SFD181 Marica vs Lara – Story

Beauty contest

Lara and Marica are the finalists of a beauty contest, and Lara knows one only way to be certain of her victory: she pulls Marica into a fight without rules!
Soon after, the two beauties strip down to their bikinis, revealing two heavenly bodies, and the fight is on!

A long staredown and fight

Forehead to forehead, None against nose, breast pushed into each other’s breast, the two beauty queens are ready to turn into fighters.
You will admire Marica leading a fingerlock test of strength, only to receive a sudden head into her belly! Didn’t we mention that the fight has no rules? In fact, Lara knees Marica to the head, sits on her tits and then moves to a humiliating schoolgirl pin, showing how helpless she is. But then the unexpected reaction: Marica turns tables and traps Lara in her scissors, yanks her hair and hits her belly with so many hard punches that you will think it’s over.
No way, as neither girl wants to lose and the match continues at a crazy pace, both taking their turn in delivering and taking punishment with fantastic holds.
Back breakers, figure fours, grapevine pins, breast smothers. You will see backs and bellies kicked, feet tortured, toes spread and ankles twisted. And a terrific, long, breath taking hand over mouth smother!

At the winner’s feet

Eventually, one girl won’t be able to take anymore punishment and will dramatically give up the match, injured and humiliated, suffering the sexiest victory pose at the winner’s feet. An incredible video!

Duration: 23 min
Video price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)

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6 thoughts on “SFD181 Marica vs Lara – Story

  1. Dies ist kein echter Fight, sondern nur fake. Ich finde das Girl im blauen Zweiteiler heisser.

    1. For all those non German speakers around “This is not a real fight, just fake. I think the girl in the blue two-piece is hotter.”
      Yes Max, SFD videos are staged/fantasy, so not real even though they are often very realistic.

  2. I always purchase the marica videos but you guys seem to update on a slow basis. Do you know what the next lineup of videos would be like in terms of what to expect of for marica?

    1. We update twice a week, sometimes once. That depends mostly on how the videos are selling. There’s no Marica in the next couple of weeks releases… you gotta be patient I am afraid, or order your own custom made video!

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