SFD180 Venere vs Celeste – Lift and Carry


Celeste is caught looking into the males changing room, where Venere’s boyfriend was showering. Venere doesn’t like that at all.
The small cutie is now working out all alone in her skimpy string bikini, when Amazon Venere comes in and promises to deliver some punishment.

Lift and carry domination

The tall and stronger girl lifts a whining Celeste and carries her all around. Then she has fun wrestling her on the mats and catching her in a scissor. Celeste is begging for mercy all the time, but Venere doesn’t even listen… She loves to dominate the worthless little girl with schoolgirl pins, bearhugs, carrying her all around.
Headlocks, scissors, and more mat wrestling leaves Celeste’s breasts uncovered for a few seconds, adding further humiliation.

Crying is worth nothing

venere carries Celeste in many different ways, making her feel totally helpless in her strong arms.
When she loads her over her shoulder, Celeste bursts in tears, her perfect ass well exposed for all to see it, nothing she can do on it.
How humiliating! And she is forced to beg for mercy, pinned under the superior girl’s foot, put in a sort of standing facesitting postion and a lot more.
Poor Celeste will finally run away as soon as she has the chance, in terror, leaving a smiling Venere satisfied for the lesson she has given her.

Duration: 16 min
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2 thoughts on “SFD180 Venere vs Celeste – Lift and Carry

  1. Awesome lift and carry vid as usual. Please, please… PLEASE! More, many more lift and carry vids! I’ve bought them all and will continue to buy your L &C vids, for sure.

  2. Celeste is more beautiful. I love her black String/Thong Bikini, its much better than Veneres Bikini Bottom. The crying of Celeste seems to be fake.

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