SFD175 Venere vs Serena – Lift and Carry

Serena is a blond with a body to die for, and it seems she flirted with the wrong guy! Now Venere has something in store for her: the punishment and humiliation must leave a long lasting mark on her pride!
There is no begging, no crying, no running away: the stronger Venere shows her who is the boss, and how bad was Serena’s mistake!
She dominates her with various wrestling holds – bearhugs, pins, scissors, back breakers – and shows her superior strength lifing her and carrying her around several times, at will. Serena is like a feather in Venere’s hands! She feels totally helpless, pinned under the dominant girl’s foot or carried across her shoulders, completely humiliated and subdued.
Watch how Serena’s quiet cries and desperate pleading are ignored,
until Venere has completed her task of physical and psychological destruction. Finally she has poor Serena admit her faults and promise to never do it again! She will be left curled up, sobbing at Venere’s feet.

Duration: 17 min
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2 thoughts on “SFD175 Venere vs Serena – Lift and Carry

  1. Venere ist sexy, so wie Serena. Tolles Ligfting von Venere. Serena hat einen relativ schönen Hintern. Venere scheint recht Stark zu sein. Sie könnte mit Serena in den Armen noch ein paar Kniebeugen machen, um ihren Hintern zu trainieren.

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