SFD174 Andrea vs Giulia – Tickle Wrestling

Laughing from desperation

Both Andrea and Giulia have only one goal today: torture their opponent, tickling her in the most sensitive areas, in order to force her to submit. The best way to accomplish that is to pin her arms under one’s legs and knees and tickle her mercilessly. Armpits, sides, waist, belly… the helpless, trapped girl is almost in tears!

Blocking and tickling

Also scissors work well in order to block the opponent, and they both use them extensively.
If Giulia starts off better, Andrea will come back and go for her belly, inner thighs, waist and any other place within reach!
The loser is humiliated with a long tickling session, straddled by her tormentor in sadistic tickling triumph!
The final victory pose is a must.

Duration: 29 min
Video price: Euro 18,99 (1080p) – Euro 15,99 (720p)

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