SFD172 Andrea vs Ambra – Wrestling

Andrea “the body” in action

A super curvy Andrea (her top is a couple sizes too small today…) plays cat and mouse with Ambra, trapping her in the most beautifully executed, dominant holds, taunting her at all times.
You know very well how Ambra hates to be forced to tap to Andrea’s holds. Even more when it’s about triangles, figure fours, schoolgirl pins… and scissors!
Andrea has so much fun that she doesn’t let little Ambra go even after she has said “stop” or tapped out. Do you like a nasty Andrea? If the answer is yes, here she is for you to enjoy.

Ambra is helpless

Calling Andrea “fat cow” won’t help, as Ambra gets ragdolled and dominated at Andrea’s will. Watch her whining in a tight body scissor, or blocked in a grapevine combined by an especially effective breast smother hold! Surely Andrea is in no hurry, she acts slowly, as she is enjoying effortlessly dishing out punishment on a totally owned Ambra, who is panting and moaning in pain and exhaustion.
She dominates her using her body as a deadly weapon, to cover her face and smother her, an evil and cruel grin on her face.
In fact, Ambra is forced to cry her surrender and beg to be released more and more times throughout the match.

Andrea loves victory poses

Andrea even strikes various victory poses on Ambra after winning her falls, to further humiliate the smaller wrestler. And the long final reverse figure four will leave you completely breathless! Not to mention the following facesit smother, which will make Ambra’s cute face disappear under Andrea’s thighs and ass. The end.

Duration: 24 min
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5 thoughts on “SFD172 Andrea vs Ambra – Wrestling

    1. I guess you are in good company! However, she has other thoughts… at least until today. On the other hand, we have Celeste, Gioia and Stella who are considering topless as an option. Make your bid! 😉

      1. Good to know, I’ll think, maybe in the future… All three are beautiful too.

  1. Bellissimo video…Andrea è fenomenale…ottimi costumi…belle victory pose…soprattutto il facesit del secondo round (al nono minuto circa), peccato che duri poco (ci sarebbero stati bene 3-4 minuti )…cmq ottimo video…I video one side sono i migliori

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