SFD171 Serena vs Celeste – Back Torture

Angel-face Celeste and the buxom natural blonde Serena make their debut in a furious battle on the mats, with focus on their backs: they will be bent into unnatural positions, tortured and destroyed from the beginning to the end.
The two contenders wrestle on the mats and outrageous camel clutches, excruciating body scissors, plus a wide selection of back breaking holds – including the infamous over the knee version, bow and arrow, single leg boston crab – are skillfully mastered.
Serena is more muscular and literally overpowers Celeste in the beginning, bending her like a soft branch, abusing her in any possible way and making her scream and suffer for the unbearable pain. Her back seems about to break in half, indeed she screams and cries! But eventually the smaller wrestler turns tables, pulls Serena’s hair in anger and takes her bitter and violent revenge on the stunning blond’s back, with an impressive array of excruciating, sexy holds. Do they both enjoy torturing the opponent in turn, making her beg for mercy and suffer!
One will prevail in the end of this incredible back and forth battle, the loser being humiliated with a long knee to the back victory pose, her face shown to the camera, forced to admit her defeat!

Duration: 21 min
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6 thoughts on “SFD171 Serena vs Celeste – Back Torture

  1. Love the new girls. Great match. Close contest and a great effort.
    The picture set came out great. good holds and terrific camera angles as usual

  2. Great fan of the back torture matches. Great chance for the wrestlers to show off acting skills and demonstrate flexibility. Always good when the holds look authentic. Hope to see lots more of this type of match…

  3. Love back breaking matches! Specially using the Camel Clutch!! Celeste has one of the best camel clutches I’ve seen since Palestina from GLOW/WOW days!
    Loved how she tortures Serena in four! Yes four different camel clutches. I hope you have more of Celeste and her clutches in future videos!!? Great, well acted and nice cinematography video!
    I’ll be buy more specifically when the sexy camel clutch is involved 🙂

  4. Loved this video! Huge fan of back bending matches. The most sexy and humiliating submission hold is the camel clutch! And Celeste has a vicious camel clutch that she uses over and over on poor Serena. This is a must have video for lovers of back breaking holds and specially for camel clutch loves such as myself!!

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