SFD170 Marica vs Sabrina
Breast Smother

Stunning Marica is an absolute beginner, and Sabrina promises she will go easy with her in this training session. Surprisingly, Marica immediately takes the lead, and soon has Sabrina on her back, in a terrific breast smother followed by a nast body scissor! Sabrina cannot believe it as Marica puts her in a perfect neck scissor which almost chokes her out.
And indeed she is forced to tap several times to the lucky beginner. The harder Sabrina tries, the sooner Marica fights back and gets hold of her again and again!
Breast smothers combined with grapevines are her favorite technique (guess why?): apparently she literally enjoys smothering poor Sabrina, keeping her face buried under her magnificent, firm breast more and more throughout the match.
Sabrina is a stubborn and proud wrestler, she screams for the great effort, attacks Marica, headlocks her… but soon after she gets caught in some hold, and effortlessly rendered helpless, to her complete frustration.
Sabrina loses confidence, and the second part of the match is a one sided domination with Marica ragdolling her, now desperate and in tears… for the amusement of the dominant blond Marica, who even makes fun of Sabrina humiliating her with an incredible, never seen before, supersexy and lenghty “standing breast smother”! Amazing! Sabrina cries and begs for mercy, Marica smiles and goes for the final hold… If you want to discover what a “reverse crucifix breast smother KO” is, don’t miss this match!
Good night Sabrina… get ready for a new, slow and ultrasexy victory pose!

Duration: 22 min
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4 thoughts on “SFD170 Marica vs Sabrina
Breast Smother

  1. WOW !!
    My new favorite picture set. I’m a huge Sabrina fan. New Girl Marica is fantastic. SFD description is spot on. Marica is so sexy in victory and Sabrina is delicious in defeat.
    Of course SFD quality photography made this a tremendous offering.
    Also if you like victory poses Marica sure caught on quick. Terrific.

  2. Two of the best bodies, but could have been better if Marcia would stop smiling. Beating Sabrina should be a strain at least and Marcia should be exhausted, not looking like she just walked her poodles and stopped for ice cream.

    Sabrina vs. Marcia in a great catfight would be a big big seller if it has the energy of Angelica or Lara.

    1. Hey Michael, thank you for your comment. Marica (not Marcia please… that is not a nica word in Italian 😉 ) was having so much fun that she couldn’t keep herself from smiling! Ok seriously, got your message – thank you for letting us know.
      We all believe Marica will be ready for a catfight in some time, she needs more experience before that takes place.

  3. i always watch this match since when it came out, its just perfect, i love marica and sabrina, they are the sexyiest of all, sabrina is so great to see suffering and marica is just great winning, more of this

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