SFD169 Lara vs Sabrina – Test Of Strength


Lara and Sabrina get ready for the fight, in a bedroom, wearing white ankle socks, tight jeans and bra. They circle menacingly, to move into a long, intense staredown, their heads touching, their eyes fixed into the other’s and breathing heavily, ready for the battle!

Mercy fight

A fingerlock test of strength challenge starts the match, and soon Sabrina is down on her knees, her wrists painfully bent back by Lara’s superior strength. Muscles shake, faces showing the great strain… and Sabrina makes and incredible comeback, now towering over Lara and forcing her into submission! Two more fingerlock tests of strength follow, to determine the winner, and all are hard fought and undecided until the end.

Bearhug and else…

Next is a double bearhug challenge, the wrestlers trying to lift each other and squeeze their midsections to cause as much pain as possible. You will see them suffer, their backs aching terribly, until a one conquers the second point and wins the fascinating challenge.

Double body scissor and leg wrestling contests complete the set of tests of strength, leaving space for an unexpected and sensual breast to breast, belly to belly grapevine pin challenge, which determines the final winner.

You don’t want to miss the sexy victory pose, where the loser is posed on by a satisfied winner, ending an exctiting match loaded with tension, full of closeups of the girls feet and beautiful, strong muscles in action.

Duration: 31 min
Video price: Euro 21,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (1080p) – Euro 30,99 (1080p)
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2 thoughts on “SFD169 Lara vs Sabrina – Test Of Strength

  1. I do so “love” ladies who wrestle wearing white socks so this is a must video match for me… Thank You for doing 🙂

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