SFD167 Lara vs Celeste – Story

“kiss my ass!” – That’s what challenging the leader leads to! But let’s start from the beginning: Celeste is new at the gym and Lara – the leader of the female wrestling team – demands that she kneels to her. “we will see!”, and immediately Celeste attacks Lara with a punch to her belly, drags her down by her hair and scissors her for good: Lara screams in agony, Celeste is in control!
Is the much feared Lara going to succumb to the smaller and apparently weaker newcomer’s perfect, long, humiliating grapevine pin?
No way, a sudden punch to Celeste’s jaw marks the beginning of Lara’s payback! And it will be the hardest lesson ever for the newbie: Lara can be cruel and mean, and she loves to!
Grapevines spreading Celeste’s legs as wide as they can go, tight headlocks, bearhugs, terrific back breaking holds, inescapable neck scissors and figure four will make Celeste regret challenging the Boss more than once.
A rear naked choke plus body triangle will leave Celeste in tears of pain, totally helpless against the veteran Lara, almost breaking her body in half!
Someone will have to submit to the better wrestler and will be paraded, forced to kneel and kiss her muscles and even… kiss her ass in ultimate humiliation!!!
Celeste is finally back to where she belongs: under Lara’s dominant foot posing on her.

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4 thoughts on “SFD167 Lara vs Celeste – Story

  1. Can never get enough of Lara.
    I bought this photo set and Lara is so sexy in victory. Nobody humiliates a vanquished opponent like Lara. Celeste is delicious in defeat. Some great action shots and Lara gets better looking every day

    1. Thanks Alan, from both girls who have just read your comment! By the way, Celeste understands that she is seen as a perfect jobber, however she says she would love to dominate, once in a lifetime… 😉

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