SFD165 Andrea vs Giulio – Mixed

Giulio and Andrea are working out in the gym. Giulio is doing push ups and showing off his muscular and strong body to the much smaller Andrea, who shows confidence about winning the upcoming wrestling match.
And the match begins! Giulio is caught in a neck scissor and gives up. Then Andrea gets him in a rear naked choke hold and he taps out… what a wimp! He might be big, but for sure he has little knowledge about wrestling and Andrea literally ragdolls him with spectacular holds, scissors, figure fours, headlocks, chokes, grapevines and anything else coming to her mind. Giulio is simply unable to resist, nor he can fight back.
You will watch the big man subdued by the match smaller wrestler with agility and spectacular holds: he suffers, he tries, but cannot avoid tapping out a shameful, countless number of times in a 20 minute match!
What a humiliation for Giulio…

Duration: 21 min
Video price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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