SFD162 Robi vs Lara – Fist Fight

Lara and Robi, sexier than ever in their aggressive outfit today, engage in a violent bare knuckles fist fight. They exchange blows to the face, chin, mouth… both suffer and feel the opponent’s punches a lot.
Then it’s time for terrible upwards strikes to the lower belly, while Robi holds lara by her hair. A true belly punching torture!
Closeups of their faces and POV angles perfectly show how much pain they are undergoing, their moans and screams are so realistic that you will feel for them.
When Lara straddles Robi and unleashes a sequence of punches to her face, Robi bursts in tears, but soon it’s payback time!
They also strangle each other and perform some scissors and other wrestling moves, just to block the opponent and punch her more and more.
They eventually strip to their bikinis only to continue with even more savage beating until one fighter is left in tears, unable to fight back, punched into submission, begging for mercy on her knees – before a final knee to face sends her to dreamland!

Duration: 18 min
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5 thoughts on “SFD162 Robi vs Lara – Fist Fight

    1. 🙂 Well… I also want to have more people ordering more custom videos with the girls wearing leather leggings. That would magically cause more leather leggings to appear here and there on SFD, yep!

  1. Great action! I really enjoyed their fight. The way they yell and the sounds of fist encountering flesh was very real! Lara is my favourite fighter since I like athletic bodies. I will buy more for sure. Thanks

  2. Why do not make a female vs male bare knuckle fight? You do these fistfight very well, a femdom mixed one would be great!

    1. Hi. We do what our customers order in the form of custom videos. All the videos you see here are custom, tailor made on request.
      No one has asked for such a match so far.

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