SFD160 Andrea & Nina vs Lara & Sabrina – One Sided

An aggression leading to a massacre, where Nina and Andrea attack Lara and Sabrina while they are working out, Lara is KOed soon, then kicked in the face and the aggressors can concentrate together on the poor Sabrina: Nina blocks her and Andrea tortures her belly with punches, abdominal claws and kicks. She ends up wrists-tied, and helpless. She will now be forced to witness her mate’s destruction by the two mean girls.
Humiliation time for Lara: watch her dominated by the cruel couple, kicking her, shoving her, making fun of her… mostly concentrating on her belly with claws, scratches, with Andrea’s long nails and whatever can cause pain and damage to her perfect exposed belly. Two on one, long bearhugs will add even more pain, crushing Lara’s midsection even further.
Listen to Sabrina desperately begging the tortures to let Lara go, but no way. She will be put in an across the knee back breaker and guess what? More belly torture for her, and more back breaking holds! You will wonder how Lara’s body cannot split in half!
The final 10 minutes are all for the former spectator Sabrina, who will go through the same torture… Four incredible performers for a top video!

Duration: 31 min
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2 thoughts on “SFD160 Andrea & Nina vs Lara & Sabrina – One Sided

  1. All of these girls are gorgeous! The focus of the video is on the punishment of Lara, and she is one “bella ragazza” and is as sexy as they come!!! These girls really put on a show and do a convincing job! This is a top rate production!!! If you like one-sided matches, then this is a must have!!!

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