SFD159 Andrea Vs Venere – Wrestling

Amazon Venere is angry!

Venere caught Andrea at the movies with her boyfriend. She was extremely upset and surely Andrea is going to pay for her mistake, now.
After an initial bearhug, Andrea – looking spectacular in her sexy bikini – is thrown to the floor, whining in pain… she tries to hide in a corner, but Venere slowly takes off her clothes and then starts to punish her, mercilessly.

Wrestling combined with lift and carry

Humiliating schoolgirl pins, knee to the neck torture, body scissors, side headlocks and much more. Andrea is sobbing, she cries and suffers completely unable to resist, totally helpless at Venere’s mercy.
After some wrestling domination, you will see Venere starting to lift Andrea and carry her around, showing her power, and enjoying her superior strength.
Andrea is carried over the shoulder, in front and reverse bearhugs and many more creative ways.
Venere humiliates Andrea with more wrestling holds, the most spectacular being a reverse standing head scissor where Andrea is forced to look straigth at Venere’s ass, an inch from her face. Her prayers go unheard.

Lift and carry time

The one sided confrontation continues with more headscissors, high neck sitting school girl pins and then more bearhugs and lifts: Venere lifts her effortlessly and carries her around, teasing her and verbally humiliating her: over the shoulder, fireman’s carry,
Andrea cries tears of frustration and fear during most of the time, be assured she won’t mess with Venere’s boyfriend annymore!

Duration: 21 min
Video price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p) – Euro 25,99 (2160p)

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