SFD156 Amethyst vs Mattia – Mixed

Amethyst loves mixed!

Feisty Amethyst has a thing for mixed wrestling, you hear her moans… and today she wrestles Mattia – each point a victory pose – giving her best to deeply enjoy the match.

Lethal legs… and facesitting

Amethyst loves to scissor Mattia, put him in triangles and figure fours, crushing him into submission. Even more she loves to sit on him – sometimes on his face too – and muscle poses, slapping his face, after each fall.
Mattia has no chance against the strong, busty British wrestler, she ragdolls him showcasing a comprehensive set of different holds. You will see takedowns, headlocks, rear chokes, grapevines… but mostly legs holds, applied both front and reverse.

Mixed domination

Mattia is smothered, squeezed, overpowered and humiliated through out the match: no way he can resist Amethyst’s power. As a consequence, she has plenty of fun destroying him in any imaginable way, especially facesitting him, until the end.
She finally poses with her ass full weight on his face, for the long final humiliation.

Duration: 24 min
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