SFD155 Gioia vs Marica – Tickle Wrestilnig

Tickle wrestling… with a rope!

There’s a rope on the mats: the wrestlers fight for it, because they can use it to tie the opponent and mercilessly tickle her! After lots of wrestling, many straddles and fighting for the rope, one girl gets hold of it, and the tickle torture begins.

Watch Marica sitting on Gioia, tickling her belly, sides, waist, inner thighs (getting very close to her private parts). Gioia is helpless, blocked, tied, sexily tickled to exhaustion… totally dominated and totally at Marica’s mercy.

Open you legs!

In addition, Marica turns into an almost reverse face sitting, her round ass a few inches from Gioia’s face, and starts over again her tickling torture! Especially she seems to like Gioia’s ass and thighs: “open your legs!” she demands, and her hands dig into Gioia’s soft flesh. Her pleading to stop are deliberately ignored, until when Marica has enough (8 minutes of tickling punishment!).

The next round has an opposite outcome: Gioia is now sitting on Marica’s arms, keeping her pinned, and tickle-abusing her at will. She especially enjoys going for her armpits, neck, breasts, unprotected belly, in a more delicate, soft way.

The domination aspect

Blocking the opponent and tickling her at will is a unique way of expressing a total dominance, power and humiliation. Which is even more interesting when the girls’ bodies are like those of Gioia and Marica. You don’t want to miss the tickle-wrestling show!

Duration: 40 min
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