SFD153 Smother Tournament Part 3

Smothers & chokes tournament, final day

After SFD151 and SFD152, here is the final part of a 4-girls chokes and smothers tournament. This 22 minutes video contains 2 fights lasting 8 minutes each, plus the final domination by the winners.

Andrea vs Lara

Lara’s athleticism is impressive. She lifts Andrea, slams her down on her back, then flips around her and scissors her head. All that, before Andrea can even realize what is going on!

Nevertheless, Andrea’s reaction is strong and she applies a rear naked choke on Lara, forcing her to tap to avoid passing out. The match is already reaching its peak, and it’s no surprise since two real female wrestling stars are fighting!

A fantastic double head scissor leads to the next submission, however breast smothers and face sitting are not missing. Not only a sort of reverse figure four with ass smother, but you will also see a very creative stockings-choke!

The crescendo in the end of the match is tremendous, and a facesit smother followed by a perfect figure four head scissor close the match. Immediately after, the final domination round takes place: and it is humiliating and original with the loser tied up and…

Eva vs Sabrina

The quickest submission ever is here: watch Eva forced to tap, smothered under Sabrina’s firm breast in just a few seconds! Not to mention the incredible, long facesitting which Sabrina forces on a disoriented Eva soon after. In fact, such a beginning is a clear message from Sabrina on what you should expect in the coming minutes.

Quite surprisingly, the following scene shows Eva sitting on Sabrina’s face holding her wrists to prevent her to tap, smothering her! What an insulting move! And Eva won’t even leave Sabrina the time to stand up, she attacks her again, and has her in a choke hold.

Can you imagine what the second half of the match will be after all that? Of course it’s a furious, hot-tempered, explosive fight leading to a clear winner annihilating an emotionally broken and physically beat loser.

Listen to the verbal teasing and observe how the victor decides to humiliate her conquered opponent, before posing on her.

In the end of the final day, you get 4 stunning wrestlers, 2 astonishing matches, 18 hot submissions!

Duration: 22 min
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1 thought on “SFD153 Smother Tournament Part 3

  1. Four sexy ladies in 2 sexy fights with the winner dominating and humiliating the loser each time!

    Great to see the lovely Eva back in action and getting her sexy ass handed to her again!

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