SFD152 Smother Tournament Part 2

Smothers & chokes tournament, day 2

This video follows SFD151, and it’s the second part of a 4-girls choke and smother tournament. After the first day, two more 8 minutes fantastic matches are waiting for you.

Andrea vs Eva

Andrea’s rear naked choke hold proves to be very effective, and Eva will repay her with the same for the 1-1. While Eva’s action is based mostly on strength, Andrea uses her agility to trap her in inescapable holds.

As a consequence, Eva’s face disappears under her opponent’s beautiful ass in a perfect reverse figure four, forcing her to tap. But there is still a lot to see: is Andrea going to dominate the match? Maybe Eva will come back and win in the end?

Only a breast smother, a full weight facesit smother and many more spectacular submissions decide who will be tied up with her own stockings, facesat and posed on  in the final domination round.

Lara vs Sabrina

An unruly, ultra intense fight, with Sabrina’s determination putting Lara in some serious trouble, since the beginning. Hence the first breast smother submission! You see how Lara is upset, almost crying when Sabrina facesits her into submission again for the 2-0!

If you didn’t know Lara well enough, you might think of a one sided match. On the contrary, Lara’s reaction is fierce and wild, and the match takes off like a rocket. This results in a super intense fight, of a very high technical level, undecided until the last furious submission!

Therefore, the humiliation for the loser will be especially long, harsh and degrading, followed by the sexiest victory pose ever.

In the end of day 2, you get 4 incredible wrestlers, 2 spectacular matches, 16 sexy submissions!

Duration: 22 min
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3 thoughts on “SFD152 Smother Tournament Part 2

  1. Four sexy ladies in 2 sexy fights with the winner dominating and humiliating the loser each time!

    Great to see the lovely Eva back in action and getting her sexy ass handed to her again!

  2. Now this was sexy, I liked it a lot. Any chance the sexy girls in black lingerie could sexfight without having to take off anything and kiss each other in the process?

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