SFD151 Smother Tournament Part 1

Introduction: smothers & chokes

A 4-girls choke and smother tournament, starting with presentation and interviews. But soon it’s time for the first 8-minutes match between Lara and Eva, the first relying on her better technique, the latter using her weight advantage.

Lara vs Eva

The fight is intense and even, and the first surprising submission comes with a perfect grapevine and breast smother combo. However, you cannot imagine what happens after a spectacular front face sit smother and another incredible triangle choke. In fact, the last 2 minutes are totally crazy and unpredictable, it seems you just can’t miss them!

A long sexy full weight front and reverse facesitting humiliation is awaiting the loser.

Andrea vs Sabrina

Andrea’s match begins with her face trapped under Sabrina’s firm breasts, however her revenge comes quickly with a terrific facesit smother, which hides Sabrina’s face under her ass. And they have just started, because you will see how Sabrina shoves her crotch into Andrea’s nose and mouth for the next submission!

Keep watching, as these two super athletes do whatever it takes to smother or choke each other and gain more points: it’s a spectacular match full of facesitting holds but also perfect figure fours, rear chokes and reverse head scissors. Most likely, if you are a true female wrestling fan, you don’t want to miss this one!
Who will take the pretty unique final humiliation with lots of teasing?

In conclusion, you get 4 stunnig girls, 2 great matches, 16 submissions: a fantastic show!

Duration: 27 min
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