SFD147 Andrea vs Marica and the final – Smother

(follows SFD146) Ambra, Andrea, Marica, Sabrina fight in a smother tournament! 8 minutes time limit, any smother hold is good to make the opponent submit.
Marica and Andrea face each other in the last match. You will witness an incredible back-to-wall standing breast smother, a perfect reverse figure four smothering head scissor, a crazy grapevine and breast smother combo, leaving one wrestler breathless, and much more.
Andrea’s legs vs Marica’s breasts: who will prevail, and will be allowed to pose on the destroyed loser?
But this is not enough to determine the winner of the tournament… there is also a surprising, extra-intense final match that cannot be missed, leaving an ass smothered and dominated loser on the mats!

Duration: 24 min
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