SFD146 Sabrina, Marica, Andrea, Ambra – Smother

(follows SFD145) Ambra, Andrea, Marica, Sabrina fight in a smother tournament: 8 minutes matches, any smother hold is good to make the opponent submit.
A determined Sabrina wrestles the statuesque Marica, attacking since the beginning. An incredible figure four traps Marica and then turns into a facesit smother, and the blond beauty submits! She will take her revenge breast smothering Sabrina for the 1-1… and then anything goes in the second half of the match, until one girl triumphs with a cruel, dominating victory pose!
Ambra feels her rivalry with Andrea a lot, and she will give all she has to try and win the old time rival… to the point of cheating! Both girls will undergo the humiliation of being smothered and rendered helpless, more than once.
Then Sabrina takes on Ambra, thinking she will wipe the floor with her, but Ambra has other thoughts. Sabrina’s grapevine is incredible and she is so strong! Ambra is totally upset after the first fall, and she fights back like a wounded little bull, even using dirty tacticts… and literally destroys Sabrina, winning the match with a terrific facesitting followed by a super smothering crotch-on-face victory pose and lots of taunting.
Who will be the final winner of the tournament?

Duration: 30 min
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