SFD145 Sabrina, Marica, Andrea, Ambra – Smother

Duration: 29 min
Price: €19,99 (720p) - €23,99 (1080p)
  • Marica
  • age: 24
  • height: 5'7''
  • weight: 123lb
  • Sabrina
  • age: 23
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 116lb
  • Andrea
  • age: 25
  • height: 5'5''
  • weight: 110lb
  • Ambra
  • age: 23
  • height: 5'3''
  • weight: 99lb

Ambra, Andrea, Marica, Sabrina fight in a smother tournament! The girls are asked a few questions each (7 min). They strip in turn for the camera to their bikinis, strike some poses flexing muscles front and back… and may the tournament begin! 8 minutes time limit, any smother hold is good to make the opponent submit.
A confident Andrea and a super fit Sabrina start first. The match is extremely aggressive as the girls wrestle on the mats to force the opponent to tap with perfectly executed grapevine and breast smothers, front and reverse facesit pins, reverse figure fours and any other smothering hold!
Marica fights a supercharged Ambra, the the smallest and most agile of all. It’s muscles vs agility and technique. Again an incredible show made of scissors and breast smothers until one girl is completely overpowered, and must surrender to the stronger opponent.
It’s a spectacular tournament, full of surprises, where holds are sexy and the girls are super beautiful! Each match ends with a girl dominated and posed on by the winner. To be continued…

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