SFD144 Lara vs Nina – Test Of Strength

Lara and Nina find each other to be very attractive and they are also dead serious about todays’s match! They are circling eyes in eyes, trying to measure each other’s strength – at the same time admiring their bodies – and soon they are head to head, fingers locked in a test of strength!
See their muscles are vibrating with the effort… and suddendly one is down, her wrists pinned firmly! Watch them closely now rolling on the mats in a headlock, trying to force the opponent to submit to each other’s superior strength.
Hear them openly admit that this kind of competition between them is “sort of exciting” (that was obvious already), and a bearhug challenge follows for even closer body to body contact.
After deciding that “no one can hear us here”, they will add even more intimate energy for an all round woman vs woman competition, and the wrestling that follows has the intensity (and the sounds!) of a sexual act! Their mouths almost touching, their bodies pressed and rubbed on each other, double hairpulling, double scissor… they will soon find out that even strangling can be exciting! And we really don’t know what happened after the shooting, can you guess?

Duration: 18 min
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