SFD143 Venere vs Gioia – Lift and Carry

Stealing a much taller and stronger girl’s phone is not a great idea.

And if Venere catches Gioia red-handed, that means sure trouble! As a result, Gioia is bearhugged, lifted and carried around over the shoulder with very little effort by Amazon Venere. Gioia cries, screams, suffers at the hand of her ice cold tormentor, while Venere enjoys dominating the smaller girl, deliberately ignoring her pleading.

Venere shows her superior strength putting Gioia in several wrestling holds.

Body and head scissors, headlocks, school girl pins and almost a facesitting! Watch Gioia pinned by Venere’s knee on her breast, and she can do nothing about it. And then Venere lifts and carries around poor Gioia again and again in different ways, rendering her totally helpless, unable to fight back, and thoroughly humiliated.

Amazon Venere completely dominates little Gioia.

In conclusion, Venere proved to be a dominant woman, putting Gioia back to her place without leaving her the smallest chance to compete with her neither physically nor psychologically.
It seems that this is the perfect lift and carry humiliation for the little meaningless thieve!

Duration: 17 min
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