SFD142 Stella Vs Andrea – One Sided

The staredown

The video starts with a muscle posing staredown, where Stella comments and makes fun of Andrea. However, it turns out to be a terrible mistake, as the lighter and thinner beauty will deliver a terrific punishment throughout the match.

Andrea dominates

Figure fours, scissors, takedowns, headlocks… the athletic and skilled Andrea is in control, beginning to end. Also, Stella is forced to tap out and surrender countless times, never able to give Andrea the smallest trouble. Most noteworthy, Andrea takes advantage of her superior skills and shows you the most spectacular holds, applied perfectly!

Stella kisses feet!

Andrea’s scissors squeeze Stella’s belly, neck and head… almost making her cry. Of course, Stella has no chance and ends up being dominated in the most humiliating way, with standing front and reverse scissors, where she is forced on her knees and even pinned.
In the end of the match, Andrea sits on her, blocks her arms and foot smothers her, then puts her in an armbar and forces Stella to repeatedly kiss both her feet (3 minutes)!

Nip slips anyone?

Stella is totally outwrestled in the end, desperate and almost in tears.
Several times the small red top reveals more of Stella’s flesh that it is supposed to do, in case this is an additional reason to buy this splendid video!

Duration: 31 min
Video price: Euro 21,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (1080p)
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