SFD141 Lara vs Giovanni – Mixed (kiss my feet)

(English dialogues) Lara is doing pushups and stretching when a much taller guy comes in. He acknowledges she is fit and muscular “however, you are still a girl!”. You can easily guess that this leads to a challenge and the two start with some armwrestling, where Lara crushes him! After a few minutes they decide to try a test of strength. You will witness Lara’s bulging muscles slowly but sharply overpowering his arms and force him on his knees.
Next is wrestling! Almost 20 minutes of merciless pins and submission wrestling where Giovanni tries to take his revenge on Lara, in an even and hard fought match. He proves a dangerous opponent, however, Lara has better skills and stamina and she will finally prevail. Dominant schoolgirl pins, excruciating scissors, incredible figure fours, sexy breast smothers, long and mean rear naked choke holds, devastating grapevine pins… he will finally be forced to apologize to Lara for calling her names.
Giovanni is humiliated like never before: listen to him saying “I am your bitch” to Lara, to her amusement… and much more!
Giovanni ends up tortured by Lara’s feet and is even forced to repeatedly kiss her toes and soles!

Duration: 26 min
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