SFD140 Robi vs Marica – Foot Torture

Feet are the target!

Marica is late for training: she explains that a pedicure was much needed! It seems that a super busty Robi doesn’t appreciate the explanation, and angrily jumps at her ex-friend. From now on, Marica’s feet are under attack by a super aggressive and cruel Robi.

As a consequence, when you see her removing Marica’s boots and starting to stomp her ankles, you realize how hard a lesson is awaiting the stunning blonde. Lots of pain and desperation are on the way!

Robi can be mean

A furious Robi starts twisting ankles and bending toes into the most unnatural positions. Look at the tears on Marica’s face, listen her desperate screams: can you imagine what an unbearable pain is she feeling?

You will enjoy lots of closeups of Marica’s beautiful feet, tortured, bitten, beaten by the meanest Robi ever. Furthermore, she even goes for her toes, twisting, biting and meticulously destroying each of them!

Finally, Robi doesn’t spare her opponent’s knees too, and the way she works them, together with her legs and soles, will make you feel for the helpless victim… especially her feet!

The end for Marica

Marica’s hopless begging for mercy doesn’t calm Robi, who continues wrecking poor Marica’s feet, without hesitation. After stripping her opponent off her leggings, she bends her knees, ankles and toes to cause permanent injury!

The two wrestlers’s bodies are the most beautiful ever, Marica’s feet are perfect to be destroyed… and you cannot imagine how Robi will do it in the end, just before humiliating the loser for good! In conclusion, I bet not only foot-lovers will buy this video…

Duration: 22 min
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1 thought on “SFD140 Robi vs Marica – Foot Torture

  1. I bought the picture set of this video. I thought it was terrific.. The beautiful Marica did all she could but the powerful and skiled Robi was too much for her. Great camera work and a fabulous finish. I loved it

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