SFD138 Robi vs Andrea – Beating

Andrea was on sale as a female wrestling sparring partner, available to be beaten for money. Robi, today barely covering her unbelievable breasts under a fan favorite red top, bought herself the new toy and now is beating it as hard as she can. Punches to the face, cruel and hard belly punching, digging into Andrea’s flesh with her fists and a terrific series of knees to the belly make a breathless Andrea collapse to the mats in terrible pain, while Robi is laughing at her at all times!
Andrea is pulled to her feet and put in “fight mode”. Robi’s sneer shows how much she enjoys torturing the poor Andrea, she strangles her, laughing in her face while she falls on her knees. Robi also tries some wrestling holds on her toy girl. Andrea suffers, moans, cries… now caught in body and head scissors, headlocks and chokes, always overpowered by her owner.
You will feel for the poor Andrea, or maybe enjoy how mercilessly and sexily Robi administers her punishment.
When Andrea starts to beg for mercy, bursting in tears, Robi reacts with figure fours, grapevines, breast smothers… more scissor, and even stomps on her belly, knees, ankles and arms… then goes for her back, just to show how much fun she has destroying Andrea in the most creative and incredible holds!
The incredible beating continues for almost half an hour, and in the end Robi finally managhes to break her new toy!

Duration: 28 min
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8 thoughts on “SFD138 Robi vs Andrea – Beating

  1. I bought this video and photoset. Tremendous. Good to see the beautiful Robi take her rightful and dominant position. A bitter rivalry takes a turn and this match was extremely sexy. Compliments to the participants and also the great camera work. Many great angles.
    I wonder if Robi could do this to the Queen of mean, Lara?? That may be a tall order

    1. Thanks Alan. Yes the guy who ordered this custom was very detailed in his requirements and I must say the video turned out great. Lara is mostly seen as “Queen of mean” as you say, not many think she fits in the submissive position, even if something will be coming sooner or later, but of a different kind. 😉

  2. Great vid, well any vid is great when andrea gets bellypunched, coulda been more, but still a great video!

  3. Ragazze fantastiche, la smorfia sadica di Robi e il viso sofferente di andrea sono eccitanti.
    Inoltre c’è uno spettacolare Romero ceiling hold, che è una delle prese più meravigliose in assoluto.
    Unica cosa, avrei voluto un po’ più dialogo: Robi poteva umiliare e deridere Andrea, e Andrea doveva chiedere pietà più spesso.
    Comunque molto bello.

    Fantastic girls, the sadistic grimase of Robi and the pain in the Andrea’s face are really sexy.
    Then there is a wonderful Romero ceiling hold, a wonderful hold, in my opinion the best.
    Only one thing: I would have preferred more talk: Robi had to humiliate and mocking Andrea and Andrea often had to beg for mercy.
    In any case really good.

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