SFD137 Giada & Sabrina vs Giulio – Mixed

Jealous girl means trouble!

Giulio is accused by a jealous Sabrina to be attracted by “another girl”. Surely Giada agrees that he needs a lesson, the girls team up against him, and the uneven fight begins!

Despite being big and muscular, Giulio has little chance against two angry girls: Sabrina starts to use her takedowns  and then front and reverse scissors on him. Quite obviously, when she adds strangles and rear naked chokes, he is out!

Giada joins the party

Giada the tomboy steps in and uses all her strength on him, poor Giulio takes the mixed wrestling beating of his life! Watch the two furious girls beat the crap out of him in turn, no matter how hard he tries to resist.

Giada’s wardrobe malfunctions add some special interest to the whole match, and make the show even more enjoyable. In the meanwhile, hold after hold, the massacre continues with the two ladies making fun of him in every possible way!

The end for the Casanova

Sabrina’s spectacular holds and her athleticism alternate with Giada’s pure strength and her aggressive fighting style. Giulio’s day couldn’t be worse… wait! What if the two ladies decided to attack him at the same time? That’s what the second part of the video is about: a merciless 2 vs 1 wrestling domination. Finally, foot chokes, foot strangles and many other holds force him into countless submissions, leading to a liberating victory pose.

Duration: 22 min
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