SFD136 Eva vs Venere – Wrestling

The two fierce wrestlers have a long staredown eyes in eyes, breast to breast, before they start the match. The action is slow and sexy, bodies are pressed on each other while they are rolling on the mats: bellies, breasts, thighs.
Eva suffers in Venere’s scissors, and her moans sound like… They exchange grapevines and again it’s somehting in between wrestling and sex! Venere bearhugs Eva, slams her down and scissors her for good, then moving into an inescapable headlock. Eva doesn’t seem to be able to compete, and Venere takes the lead with her superior skill.
Eva tries to resist time to time, but Venere won’t leave her a real chance to come back into the match, even if Eva’s scissors are strong, and cause real pain in her misection.
Venere will finally triumph, as the stronger woman, while Eva wins for sure the title for the sexiest wrestling style ever! Download this video if you like sexy losers in action!

Duration: 21 min
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4 thoughts on “SFD136 Eva vs Venere – Wrestling

  1. Great video!

    It really does seem like a genuine sporting match, with both trying to win, but one just too good for the other.

    Please film more fights with Eva “The Cat” I love seeing her get beaten up by other hot girls!

  2. These two girls are intensely sexy, this match was sexy as hell. We need another one of them both, this time with them kissing each other too.

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