SFD134 Sabrina vs Gioia – Smother

A novice wrestler challenges an overconfident veteran: today, someone will be put back where she belongs! Gioia undresses to a black thongs panties looking just great on her, under the threatening looks of Sabrina.
Watch Sabrina owning Gioia in a grapevine, spreading her legs wide, mocking her and giving her the most dominating and long breast smother of her life!
After Gioia is humiliated under Sabrina’s tits, and forced to give up, she fights back with doubled energies and has Sabrina in a perfect reverse head scissors, and soon Sabrina can’t avoid to tap out!
Tension is rising really high, both will do anything to win! Listen to their uninterrupted taunts and trash talking, every time one is in control. It’s an even match, plenty of deadly scissors, a couple of great mounted triangle submissions, breath taking breast smothers… quick dynamic action and tons of bitter rivalry!
One girl will get close to a nervous breakdown, when – trapped – she will be rendered completely helpless, subdued by her hated foe, humiliated for good and forced to give up the match. Epic!

Duration: 19 min
Video price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p)
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3 thoughts on “SFD134 Sabrina vs Gioia – Smother

  1. Ja, Gioia steht der schwarze Thong gut. Sie hat einen schönen Frauenpo. Nur ihre Tatoos gefallen mir nicht. Es sollten öfter Thongs getragen werden in den Videos.

  2. Yes the black thong fits really good to Gioia. She’s goodlooking girl with a beautiful Butt. I don’t like her tatoos.

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