SFD133 Lara vs Marica – Story

Lara is stealing something when the most beautiful cop ever, Marica, enters the dark room! A fight ensues between the police woman and the thief. A rear naked choke hold is quickly followed by a body scissor in the even fight… then Lara manages to block Marica flat on her back, and she starts to sexily and slowly undo her shirt’s buttons and yes, she strips her, laughing at her! Marica is helpless and incredibly beautiful in her red, revealing underwear… The tough officer turns tables and the two wrestle back and forth, with the striking contrast between Lara in total black and the blond Marica in red. Body and neck scissors, chokes, straddles, a terrific body triangle by Lara, punches to the face by Marica… the fight on the mats is spectacular, with lots of close body to body action!
In the end, the dark evil triumphs, humiliating the good policeman with a series of slaps and finishing her off with a tremendous kick to the face!
Marica, sobbing and crying for the humiliation, is tied and forced to crawl on her knees out of the room, now property of the evil thief Lara!
A video of strong contrasts and strong emotions, which is worth a download just to see Marica in action (un)dressed like that, not to mention how Lara is sexy when she truly enjoys dishing out punishment!

Duration: 18 min
Video price: Euro 15,99 (720p) – Euro 18,99 (1080p) – Euro 23,99 (2160p)
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