SFD132 Andrea vs Ambra – Competitive Wrestling

The last 4 minutes show Andrea forcing her foot into Ambra’s face, rubbing it on her nose and mouth, teasing her and smothering her: that’s how it all ends!
And it all started with the two girls boxing until the moment a face punch makes Andrea very upset: she throws her gloves away and the two fighters switch to real wrestling!
Athletic and skilled Andrea is ready to make smaller and proud Ambra pay for what she did, breast smothering, and then scissoring her into submission. The fight is truly competitive, with Ambra trying her best to fight back with agility and speed. She suffers, caught in a body triangle and rear choke… but she is the kind of wrestler who never gives up, even with her eyes glistening with tears!
Andrea gradually takes control and puts Ambra in several holds to humiliate her further, and clearly show who is the boss. Watch Andrea teasing her, driving helpless and frustrated Ambra nuts! Andrea loves administering punishment and really making fun of her opponent, at all times – for real.
Head scissors, breast smothers, figure four head scissor, pins. And arm wrestling in the end.
Ambra has a fantastic attitude, she is really giving her 100% through out the match, however Andrea is too much for her.
A great competitive, unscripted match, followed by an incredible foot domination by the winner!

Duration: 34 min
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