SFD129 Lara vs Eva – Prop-Knives

The tiniest microbikinis ever, glued to two incredible bodies:

Lara and Eva wear the sexiest outfits today, as their almost naked bodies are worth the download alone. Can you imagine how a grapevine pin will look like??
It goes without saying that during the action such small pieces of fabric move and discolse more secrets than they were supposed to (no, there’s no blurring today). And how many unforgiving close ups, from the most unseemly angles!

The two contenders are given a prop-knife each, and you immediately realize that it’s a matter of life or death! The thrill adds to the sexy aspects: just look at them walking to centre, their backs to the camera… not to mention the warm-up before the fight!

After the initial staredown, the fight begins! Strength plays a role, each trying to stab the opponent to death… the razor sharp blades trembling, inches from their soft skin.
There’s a lot of body to body fight on the mats, mouth on mouth, almost kissing each other in a kiss of death, breast pushed into breast, legs twisted and entwined, crotches pressed into each other and – of course – a lot of stabs to the most delicate parts… their wounded bodies left arching and writhing in pain and agony.

After each “death”, the killer girl sexily performs a dominating victory pose on the agonizing loser, her foot pushed against her private parts.
Exciting, sexy in many ways. Beautiful, extreme. Both girls needed a cold shower (together?) after the shoot… are you going to be able to resist until the end?

Duration: 31 min
Video price: Euro 21,99 (720p) – Euro 25,99 (1080p)

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10 thoughts on “SFD129 Lara vs Eva – Prop-Knives

  1. I wish you would of just had them wrestle instead, would really like to see Lara wrestle Robi in micro bikinis especially if utilizing long holds like full nelsons, body&head scissors, headlocks, leglocks, etc. Would I think be highly erotic and sensual if they wrestled topless or nude, but mirco bikinis would be next best thing. Wrestling match could be a back & forth affair with first one then other applying holds. Could even do semi-pro like with girls flipping and throwing each other unto the mat. Would be highly erotic and very sensual especially do at an even pace and not to fast eventually with neither being able to pin the other for say a 10 count. Could make it an exhausting sweaty draw where either girl has even number of pinfalls or none at all. Each girl kicking out at last moment. Can even have some hair pulling, raking of nails maybe across body or face, eye gouge etc.. to break hold and gain an advantage. Maybe even a wedgie or two. Would definetly purchase, for sure. Match could last 30 min or longer until both could no longer continue.

  2. That is one of the sexiest matches I’ve seen! The micro bikini’s enhanced their awesome bodies and added to the sexiness of the match.
    Was wondering why more wrestlers don’t wear the micro bikini’s in their matches?

  3. this is one of the sexiest matches ever! Loved that body to body struggling on the ground!!!!! awesome ladies !!! I’d love to see these two do a strangle death match in these outfits

  4. This has been the top selling video on your clips4sale site. What could be hotter than sexy girls in microkinis with knives.. 😀

    You guys should definitely do more like this!! 😀


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