SFD128 Robi vs Lara – Tickle Wrestling

Seriously laughing

Tickling is serious business between Robi and Lara! And I mean that the two wrestlers are taking it very seriously, despite laughing their ass out throughout the video – against their will!

How it works

The goal is to force the opponent to give up, when she cannot take it anymore and loses control for too much laughing. Actually, both Lara and Robi are ticklish, and it shows.
When Lara is able to catch Robi and keep her wrists trapped, she has her way tickling her everywhere! Neck, armpits, arms, sides, legs, head, ears… no mercy! As a consequence, as soon as Robi is able to put a scissor on Lara, she retaliates, and payback is a bitch!

Tickling domination

If you like sexy and fit girls straddling, blocking, owning their opponent and then tickling her to the limit, this is the video for you!
The more submissions win, and the winner enjoys her dominance, first striking a victory pose on the loser, and then roughing up her hair and tickling her some more!

Duration: 31 min
Video price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)

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1 thought on “SFD128 Robi vs Lara – Tickle Wrestling

  1. Robi is definitely the worst tickle wrestler, she always loses but she is also a pleasure to see tickle fighting.

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