SFD127 Lara vs Sara Esse – Test Of Strength

Sara Esse is a sexy and strong opponent, who is left with her breast exposed more than once during the match. Her only only goal is to prove that she is stronger tan the famous Lara. And a test of strength challenge is the only way to do so.
Fingers locked, Sara has soon Lara on her knees and then pinned down, her back to the mats! Is this the start of a domination match?
Not so sure… are a double bodyscissor contest and a bearhug challenge enough to decide who is stronger?
Check it out!

Duration: 13 min
Video price: Euro 12,99 (720p) – Euro 15,99 (1080p)
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3 thoughts on “SFD127 Lara vs Sara Esse – Test Of Strength

  1. Ich bin hier für Lara, denn sie zeigt mehr Ass und hat keine oder weniger Tatoos/ piercings.

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