SFD124 Stella vs Andrea – Wrestling

How it ends: Stella posing, her foot on an unconscious Andrea’s mouth! How it started: an overconfident Andrea promising Stella that she will suffer a lot in her holds. What happens in the middle: an even, entertaining fight where both girls are on top in turn.
In the beginning Stella seems to be able to make better use of her weight, and she blocks Andrea under her, and scissors her! Stella teases Andrea and makes fun of her as she outmuscles the smaller opponent.
Andrea is frustrated but she manages to fight back! Now it’s Stella in deep trouble, caught in terrific choke holds and scissors. A perfect body triangle and then a tight scissor seem to finish her off… Look at Andrea bossing around, humiliating Stella in a spectacular grapevine pin, and breast smothering her. Andrea continues one perfect hold after the other, making an helpless Stella suffer a lot, almost to tears. Then the unpredictable happens, and you suddenly see Stella sitting on Andrea, towering on her, counting to 10 and hand smothering her to KO! What a surprise! See Andrea defeated, weakened, and unable to breath, now begging Stella to let her go with a barely audible voice, slowly passing out!
Stella is the winner and adds insult to injury posing on a Andrea, pressing her foot on her mouth!

Duration: 25 min
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5 thoughts on “SFD124 Stella vs Andrea – Wrestling

  1. Incredible. Love watching Andrea wrestle. She’s so aggressive. Love watching Stella humiliate poor Andrea.

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