SFD121 Giada vs Ruggero – Mixed

Giada: curvy, busty, and nasty! You must check the preview video to appreciate the way she attacks Ruggero with an headlock, the intensity of her action and the evil grin on her face throughout the match. She really enjoys wrestling a bigger man, and especially dominating him.
Ruggero spends most of the time trapped in a scissor, buried in Giada’s mostly revealed breast, tortured by her holds and repeatedly taunted.
How humiliating is for Ruggero to be helplessly breast smothered several times by an almost topless girl, half his weight? And what about a long foot choke leaving Ruggero breathless?
The close body to body action is extremely sexy, helped by Giada’s top which cannot really do its job properly… no one complains.
4 rounds of armwrestling and a sexy foot-on-face victory pose end the day for poor Ruggero, leaving Giada in triumph.

Duration: 26 min
Video price: Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p)
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