SFD120 Lara vs Andrea – Tickle Wrestling

No pain, big fight

Lara and Andrea are not here to hurt and inflict pain to each other as they are used to do. Today’s mission is to tickle the opponent into helpless submission!

Laughing out a submission

After blocking the other, each girl reaches for the most intimate, hidden, delicate parts of the opponent’s body and restlessly tickles her, making her laugh, shake and somehow suffer. When she cannot take anymore, she is forced to cry her surrender!

Hidden spots

Armpits, belly, neck, ears, breast, waist, thighs… it’s only a matter of finding the most sensitive spot and dig it in like it’s a matter of life and death!

Lara is as aggressive as we know her, Andrea is sexier than ever in her pink bra… both are willing to make the other laugh as much as they can, once in a lifetime!

More than half an hour of passionate tickle wrestling, the winner being allowed some long final minutes of pure tickle torture on the helpless, subdued loser. Who is also posed on for good.

Duration: 33 min
Video price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)

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2 thoughts on “SFD120 Lara vs Andrea – Tickle Wrestling

  1. Doesn’t matter if it’s wrestling, catfight, smother, test of strength, tickle or whatever, Lara will always beat and humiliate poor Andrea

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