SFD119 Robi vs Ruggero – Mixed

Robi vs Mountain. Ruggero’s deep voice, dark beard and huge muscles don’t seem to be enough to intimidate Robi: “The loser will mop the floor!”.
Ruggero lifts her with no effort, makes her spin around, and almost fly across the mats: it looks like she stands no chance!
On the other hand, Ruggero is slow, has little stamina, not very good skills… while Robi is the great wrestler we all know. Quick and agile, she is always where he doesn’t expect her to be. Her deadly neckscissors will eventually take their toll on him. However, the match is even and both will win at least one fall.
There are victory poses after some of the falls, lots of taunting and emotional moments. Eventually, an arm bar will cause Ruggero an injury and he will grow more and more vulnerable and tired… what follows is Robi’s 10 minutes domination, putting the humiliated huge man in several painful holds, working his arm… leaving him almost unable to fight back and forcing him to give up, acknowledge her superiority and so on. Poor man!
Robi does know how to humiliate a guy and you will see! Her long schoolgirl pins and her incredible scissors, are ony some of her favorite holds.
The long nightmare for the helpless big guy is followed by Robi making him serve her, and even mop the floor!

Duration: 26 min
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