SFD118 Robi vs Giulia – Tickle Wrestling

Robi or Giulia, who is more ticklish? Neck, inner thighs, sides, belly, ears, armpits, breasts… the small bikinis leave much of their bodies exposed, and both girls will try to force the opponent to submit because of unbearable laughing!
Wrestling holds, especially straddles and scissors, are used to block the opponent and tickle her more freely. The uninterrupted mat wrestling action brings the girls to a continuous body to body contact.
Robi’s tiny top makes the result even sexier, when she is forced on her back, with Giulia holding her wrists together and tickling her breasts sides… on top of that, Giulia too is suffering from some wardrobe malfuncions.
Robi may be the better wrestler, but she turns out to be the most ticklish of the two! And she is defeated and tortured in a final punishment round where she is mercilessly tickling-tortured by Giulia in total control, hoplessly begging her to stop.
Final victory pose with Giulia tickling Robi using her foot!

Duration:  31 min
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4 thoughts on “SFD118 Robi vs Giulia – Tickle Wrestling

  1. You weren’t kidding about Robi’s tiny top. That was pretty damn sexy. If Robi is ever available for customs again I know what outfit I’m asking for.

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