SFD117 Andrea vs Ambra – Test Of Strength

Andrea and Ambra look stunning in their short, elegant, black dresses and heels, when they push their foreheads into each other’s in a long and furious staredown, their eyes darting.
Finally, both raise hands and lock fingers into a test of strength. The girls lean forward on their legs, pushing as hard as they can! You can hear them breathing heavily and panting for the great effort.
A standing armwrestling follows, their lips trembling and wrists aching in pain… there’s plenty of closeups to let you appreciate their facial expressions in detail during the match.
It’s now time to slowly and sexily undress to underwear, and to continue with more tests of strengths after an even harder and longer staredown, to renew the challenge. They are now competing pushing body versus body, in a more intimate fashion.
The lighter Ambra is crushed in a terrific bearhug, but doesn’t give up! And a mercy fight pushes the wrestlers to their limits, until one falls on her back!
Will the double scissor, armwrestling and the extremely unusual final duels be enough to decide who is the stronger of the two beauties?

Duration: 22 min
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5 thoughts on “SFD117 Andrea vs Ambra – Test Of Strength

  1. WOW what a missed opportunity! Wrestling around in short dresses and heels with tangled legs rolling on the ground is HOT arm wrestling is NOT try again

    1. To each his own. I believe that all those who are asking for more arm wrestling don’t share the same view with you…
      You should probably check other categories than the “test of strength”, as that is where the most arm wrestling is.
      Try and take a look at Catfights, you might find something closer to your taste.

  2. Me for example. I think Armwrestling is hot, particularly when the lie on the ground during/for Armwrestling. So I’d like to see more armwrestling Stuff and maybe also Legwrestling.

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