SFD116 Robi vs Ambra – Beating

Will sexy little Ambra, so sweet clad in her tiny blue bikini, manage to survive this terrible beating? Robi is an ice cold killer: she punches the small cutie’s face and body, strangles her like a fury! Belly punching, one handed strangles and the poor Ambra is at Robi’s mercy. She has no chance. Watch Robi slamming her into the wall for more belly punching, and then she even makes her fly around the room holding her by the hair!
You clearly hear Ambra’s screams, moans, cries, as she suffers… she is kicked and kneed in the belly, in her back and even her face. A close up and you will spot her lips and nose starting to bleed, and her eyes turning blue.
Are you ready to watch over 20 minutes of torture and punishment dished out by a relentless, sadistic Robi, smiling all the time while making fun of her terrified victim begging for mercy? Let us know if you feel sorry for Ambra… or else!

Duration: 23 min
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1 thought on “SFD116 Robi vs Ambra – Beating

  1. Really enjoyed this video! I like the acting and the domination beat down aspect of this video. Beating might be one of my favorite categories on this site. Hope you guys make many more!

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