SFD115 Stella vs Andrea – Foot Torture

Who is so mean to take advantage of a limping opponent?
Andrea has injured her foot and demands Stella to postpone their match, but Stella reacts badly! She assaults Andrea and puts her in a rear naked choke, which she keeps for long minutes, slowly and mercilessly, making her gargle and kick her legs in panic in total air deprivation!
Andrea finally passes out and a bitchy Stella removes her boots in order to go for her injured foot! A terrific figure four makes Andrea come back and scream with pain: she knows she is at her torturer mercy, no chance to break free.
From now on, you will witness the nastiest and meanest foot torture action by the black powerhouse, rubbing it in, ignoring Andrea’s screaming and begging for mercy.
Stella twists and stomps on her ankles, punches soles, bends toes, bites Andrea’s feet soft skin. Her poor bendaged foot is totally destroyed, in order to prevent Andrea to come back to the mats for some time.
The pitiless close ups of her foot under constant attack will make you feel for the poor crying beauty, completely helpless in the hands of Stella, who is enjoying every minute of it! Then please close your eyes as Stella grabs a rod, and even a chair…
If picturing Andrea in pain and desperation, her feet tortured like never before is a turn on for you, then just go on and download this terrific video!
A final ko scene with a rope will put an end to Andrea’s resistance, and leave space for a sexy victory pose.

Duration: 23 min
Video price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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