SFD114 Lara vs Stella – One Sided

Lara is a fury, Stella is a wimp. Result: Lara’s feet are often pressed on Stella’s head and face while she is hand smothered, subdued, humiliated, forced to beg for mercy and even cry tears of frustration.
Lara loves to dominate, and today she has plenty of fun: foot domination and hand over mouth smothering techniques being the leit motiv of this video. On top of that, Stella’s yellow bikini top is way too small leaving her breast exposed more than what was planned.
Lara never lets go at the first request of the bigger girl, she enjoys too much showing you Stella while she is preying and begging!
She uses also strangles with hands and feet, slaps, scissors, hairpulling and armbars… her feet always firmly planted on the subdued rival’s face. After a few minutes Stella is almost completely helpless and cannot fight back anymore.
She has no choice but to undergo one of the worst humiliations ever, submitting to a gloating Lara countless times, and being totally dominated throughout the match!
The final facesitting plus feet strangle is terrific, and Stella is also posed on for good in the end, sobbing in tears of desperation.

Duration: 31 min
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4 thoughts on “SFD114 Lara vs Stella – One Sided

  1. Che dire? Stella perde ancora. Lara è una furia, bella e crudele, domina tutto l’incontro e Stella subisce l’ennesima umiliazione.

    1. Pare che Stella sia proprio vista come la perfetta perdente dai nostri amici clienti, mentre Lara… beh lei è una dominatrice naturale!

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