SFD113 Venere vs Ambra – Lift and Carry

Ambra made a huge mistake hanging out with the boyfriend of a much taller, bigger and stronger girl. Venere finds her at the gym and gives her a lesson she won’t forget. The domination is mostly about lifting her, and carrying her around like a sack of potatoes, in her hands or on her shoulders. Ambra simply can’t do anything to avoid being taken and handled by Venere, like the feather weight she is!
Venere the amazon loves to display her power and physical dominance over the small, weak and terrified Ambra, who is and barely able to try to resist before having to admit her tormentor’s superior strength.
Venere lifts Ambra, carries her around on her shoulders at will, bearhugs her in a way that Ambra’s little feet can only kick the air!
The tall amazon proves she totally owns tiny Ambra also in wresting, putting her in painfu holds at will, enjoying it a lot!
The desperate loser gets be punished for her terrible mistake, humiliated throughout the match, and sexily posed on before running away. Lesson learnt: don’t mess with those much bigger than you!
Lifts&Carry fans, don’t miss this video!

Duration: 19 min
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3 thoughts on “SFD113 Venere vs Ambra – Lift and Carry

  1. I bought the picture set for this match.
    I really liked it. The photography quality was great and some interesting angles.
    Hope to see more

  2. Ambras colorful panties are nice/beautiful, but Would be awesome if Venere would wear a Thong.

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