SFD112 Andrea vs Ambra – Biting

Are Andrea and Ambra angry at each other or they are just… hungry? Yes, the two beauties will wrestle each other down and won’t miss a chance in order to bite deep in each other’s soft flesh!
They sharp teeth will dig into arms, legs, inner thighs, shoulders, buttlocks… even and especially hands! Deep and clearly visible red marks are left on their skin, proving how hard they are biting. And as soon as the pain becomes unbearable, they scream like wounded animals in this unique fight. Tears of pain, emotion and desperation are spread!
You will also get the chance to see some good wrestling techniques, mostly used to reach the targeted body part for a good bite.
Yes, biting is something that really brings the level of the match to a fight for survival between two supersexy, and super wild women, back to their basic instincts!
The last vampire-style bite will decide the match and leave a beaten and terrified loser in tears and cries of despair, posed on by a gloating cruel winner.

Duration: 30 min
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1 thought on “SFD112 Andrea vs Ambra – Biting

  1. Sehr schön geworden.Finde es könnte noch viel härter gebissen werden.Würde mich sogar zur Verfügung stellen

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