SFD111 Andrea vs Ambra – Story

Fantastic figure four head scissors, together with other scissor holds, rear naked chokes, camel clutches, figure four leg scissors, double arm chokes, breast smothers, headlocks…
for sure Andrea is a pro when it comes to using spectacular techniques, and she will show us some! Ambra on the other hand, may be smaller and lighter, but she is not lacking technical skills and has an incredible agility!
Watch her wrestling Andrea, using all her strength to control the experienced opponent, break free, fight back, and finish her off using her perfectly applied holds… and some dirty tacticts!
The match is even, and both girls are in turn on top, taunting the opponent, but Ambra will triumph in the end, deserving the long awaited front and reverse facesit smother victory pose and domination, humiliating Andrea for some long minutes, keeping her face under her lovely ass and crotch!
An incredible performance by both wrestlers in a super sexy match that you don’t want to miss!

Duration: 25 min
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4 thoughts on “SFD111 Andrea vs Ambra – Story

  1. the young look in there faces is what’s so sexy, damn id love to meet tem in person.

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