SFD108 Sabrina vs Robi – Belly To Belly

An outdoor match in a hot Italian spring day. Bellybuttons: that’s what it is about! A pin-based wrestling match, full of close ups of the girls’ sexy belly buttons, which are rubbed and pushed into each other to see which one is “stronger”, while the wrestlers are furiously trying to pin each other down!
The match begins with a test of strength, Robi and Sabrina going belly vs belly like crazy, pushing and forcing their belly buttons into each other! It’s as sexy as it is painful… especially when they start to violently hit the opponent’s belly with their own! A very special double bearhug follows… and it’s all a series of holds where bellies and breats are slammed on top of each other, like grapevine pins, cross body pins, trying to count to 5!
The intensity goes beyond any expectation and after many points scored, the best belly button prevails and dominates the loser almost in tears, teasing her, making her kneel and asking her to kiss her belly button and… finally torturing for minutes her belly button with her foot! How painful and humiliating!

Duration: 30 min
Video price: Euro 19,99 (720p) – Euro 23,99 (1080p)
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