SFD107 Lara vs Caterina – Facesitting

Caterina, whose curves are barely  contained by her black underwear making this almost a topless match, is looking forward to squash Lara’s face under her round ass. Lara is beautiful in her tiny white underwear, with all her muscles tense and ready for the action.
An almost violent staredown and a quick interview lead us into the match.
There is great rivalry and three falls of 6 minutes each will be necessary to declare the winner of this match, where the only way to win is to facesit smother the opponent, crotch and ass on her mouth and nose, count to 5.
Not only that: we get to see a lot of top quality wrestling action too, with Lara’s aggressiveness and confidence confronting Caterina’s natural sexiness, and her often exposed, full figured breasts help making this video a total must for any famale wrestling fan.
And don’t forget the final domination by the winner, where she applies a number of terrific front and reverse facesitting holds, in a unique, sadistic way, like never before… until she passes out. And then she wakes her up, only to be humiliated in a final victory pose for the camera!

Duration: 24 min
Video price: Euro 17,99 (720p) – Euro 20,99 (1080p)
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7 thoughts on “SFD107 Lara vs Caterina – Facesitting

  1. Ich bin klar für Lara. Sie hat einen geilen runden Frauenpo. Sexy weisser Tangastring. Sie ist selbstbewusst hat SelbstvertrauenSie dürfte sich mir auch aufs Gesicht setzen.

  2. Yeah I can write in englisch . Could You Please Keep uploading preview Videos in Vimeo. I apreaciate that.

    1. Most video portals close our accounts (they don’t like our content), therefore here is the best place to find out what is going on! 🙂

  3. Good Girls. Fully topless would be nice. Yes Caterina has a round Booty. I like that.

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