SFD106 Marica vs Gioia – Smother Match

Marica and Gioia, the two sexy newcomers face off in a smother match! Each fall needs specific holds to be used to smother the opponent into submission, so that breast smothers and grapevine pins, reverse figure fours, full weight facesitting smothers will be used in turn. And you get to see a lot of such holds, with 18 submissions in total!
The two wrestlers look incredibly sexy today, ready to use their firm boobs and rock hard perfect asses to smother the opponent, and win the match.
3 falls will tell us who is the better woman at using her natural assets in such a sexy female wrestling match!
The final minutes long facesitting victory pose is a true torture for the humiliated loser, and Andrea as the ref has to step in and convince the winner to stop the action.
Look at the preview and then try not to buy this video!

Duration: 23 min
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Photo gallery price: Euro 15,99
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